“Astrid is a uniquely heart-centered woman with a commanding and compassionate presence. She brings her grounding energy to every interaction, leaving you feeling inspired yet contained. I endorse her clinical, mindfulness-based approach as the only sensible tool for cultivating peace and fulfillment in this life. She is a breath of fresh air, destined to empower you on your journey.”

Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Psychiatrist, New York City, NY

“Astrid astounds me. She holds space like no one else I have ever met.  She is completely unafraid, unrattled, and absolutely stands present with your deepest, darkest pain and secret trauma. She is poised, kind, and compassionate. Highly aware of boundaries, she makes you feel safe and establishes trust. Her self-cultivation, training and life experience is so evident in how she practices. It’s incredibly special to behold. She’s amazing!”

 Erin Telford, Licensed Acupuncturist, New York City, NY

“Astrid is the perfect combination of electric insight and a gentle, soothing touch. The clients whom I have referred to her say that they adore her and trust her, and thus feel safe to explore themselves deeply and truly grow as human beings.”

Dr. Samantha Rader, Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA

“Astrid is amazing: intuitive, firm and a great listener. I best liked her pointed but delicate way of orchestrating the group’s conversations, her way of framing the day’s sessions through a word and a  written piece, her way of identifying certain feelings/experience/thoughts and bringing them back into the group’s attention. I also feel i have a greater understanding of a personal cycle and spiral of emotions and experiences.”

Mommy C.A.L.M. participant, Williamsburg, Bk

“I just feel so grateful for what Astrid offered by bringing this group together and creating the space for us to connect with our experience in a more mindful way. I have noticed that I am more relaxed-which was my intention for participating.  I was able to really tap into my instincts – something we talked about in that first session – and started feeling empowered to follow them. Surprisingly I got exactly what I had hoped for -a greater sense of relaxation, calm, ease – but I’m just surprised that I could achieve it so quickly. In 4 weeks time I came to feel a real connection to these women and I was so grateful for what they shared and how well they listened.  It was honestly transformative.”

Nikki C., Mommy C.A.L.M. participant, Williamsburg, Bk


“This workshop was a very good experience for me, and I am thankful I could take part. Astrid is a warm person- I loved her authenticity.”

Konstanze,  workshop participant - Yoga & Gestalt Therapy: Cultivating the Witness