My Approach


I hear you.

You’ve arrived at a place where you know you have to change now because you're worried, if you don't, it might never happen. You’ve tried everything you can think of on your own, and you are now open to being supported to create lasting change. My goal is to help you move gracefully, efficiently and thoroughly through this process to feel more satisfied, peaceful, & authentic.

I have a knack for helping people become unstuck and transform their lives. 

I work in a way that goes beyond just talking about what is happening - I will help you slow down, move deeper and grow by noticing, processing, reflecting, asking questions that invite you to see and consider things in a new way. I also bring breath work, guided imagery, and Gestalt work into the process.

Working with me:

To support and encourage exploration, the Initial consultation (60-minutes) is at no cost to you. During this visit we will discuss your goals, desires and the need for the therapy process. It will also be a time for both of us to get a better feel for whether we are a good fit for each other. If it does feel like a good fit and I believe I can help you reach your goals we will discuss what that would look like. I work in a programatic way, breaking from the traditional, often nebulous week-to-week style of therapy that is most common. The program I offer is a holistic approach which includes many supports that go beyond the traditional therapy model (including email & phone contact, resources, grounding + breathing work, and imagery).  If you are ready to invest in making real change in your life, I would love to speak with you.


“Astrid is a uniquely heart-centered woman with a commanding and compassionate presence. She brings her grounding energy to every interaction, leaving you feeling inspired yet contained. I endorse her clinical, mindfulness-based approach as the only sensible tool for cultivating peace and fulfillment in this life. She is a breath of fresh air, destined to empower you on your journey.”
Dr. Kelly BroganHolistic Psychiatrist, New York City, NY