How can I benefit from therapy? 

The benefits of therapy can be truly profound. If you feel confined by your past, therapy can help you release the beliefs, patterns, and unprocessed experiences that keep you stuck. Because we work experientially, change happens on a cellular level, enabling you to become more integrated, self-aware and response-able.

Therapy can help you:

Release patterns, behaviors or past experiences that hamper your current life
Reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety
Reduce fear & anger
Gain a sense of self-worth
Create healthy boundaries with others
Develop healthy self-care practices
Learn to communicate effectively
Gain skills to become more mindful, present and aware
Replace external/environmental ‘supports’ (e.g. drugs, food, etc) with internal supports
Determine whether a relationship should continue or end
Feel “whole”

What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is an evidence-based, non-pathologizing approach to healing that emphasizes present-moment awareness and views the person as a Whole. Instead of just talking about the past or the problem, time is taken to slow down and explore the situation experientially in the here-and-now. This brings your “story” to life and gives you an opportunity to risk experimenting with new or forgotten ways of being in order to grow.

How often will I need to come?

In the beginning, once or twice weekly visits are usually indicated.  The faster we can get to know each other and build the therapeutic relationship, the faster you can expect to see both symptom relief and lasting change in your life. Meeting less frequently (i.e. every other week) is usually an option toward the end of treatment.

How do you help me?

Your relationship with me will be the foundation of therapy. It supports all of the work that we do together. By using our relationship as a guide, we come to more deeply understand the other important relationships in your life. Like any valuable relationship, it takes time and commitment to develop. The better I understand you and the safer you feel with me, the more deeply and effectively we can work together.

How long will this process take?

The strategies for living (that are no longer working) were developed over a lifetime. Shifting and healing how you are organized will at times happen quickly, and other times will take consistency and time. My intention is for us to work as deeply, honestly and effectively as we can to support your goals.

Do you take  insurance?

I am considered an “Out-of-Network Provider.”  To find out whether you have benefits simply call your insurance provider, ask whether you have “out-of-network benefits for mental health,” and what those benefits are (deductible amount and percent reimbursed).

Is my treatment confidential? 

Yes your treatment is confidential and your privacy is protected by law. Confidentiality is only broken if you express an active plan to hurt yourself or someone else. In rare cases treatment records can be subpoenaed by court-order.