Welcome The Work

   My mentor recently told me something that has been sticking with me.

She said,“We are here, on this planet, to work.” Uh oh.

She wasn’t talking about the rat race or where your career is going. She was talking about inner development.

I wanted to share this idea with you because I’m really interested in a conversation about how we cultivate and nurture our inner lives; how we create a relationship with our Self - our soul - so that we may heal, grow, evolve and live a meaningful and authentic life. This is what we are being asked to do.

So how do we do it? Mentally & physiologically, there needs to be a return, again and again, to a place of curiosity with ourselves. Attention directed inward. Investigating patterns and emotional vibrations. Staying close to our organizing material. And being really gentle with ourselves as we go along.

We also need to recognize the importance of attending to our spiritual life. Rudolf Steiner wrote that “If we do not develop within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve to something higher.”  I love this because it is such a great reminder to create a little space  to move beyond the physical world and what we think we know.

So if it’s true that we are meant to work, we might as well surrender and embrace it.

A simple reframe can be so powerful. Instead of:

“Ugh, God, I can’t believe I have all of these ISSUES I still have to work on! What is WRONG with me?”


“Wow, I exist in human form. I am so grateful and full of reverence for the opportunity to be here on this planet and to work on myself. To be alive in the Universe is the rarest- but rarest- of gifts, and I welcome the chance to deepen my self-awareness while learning to connect meaningfully with others.”

Which one made it easier for you to breathe? We need to remind ourselves that we are here to work, and that we are being gifted with this privilege, not sentenced.

Granted, not everyone is on this path. There are some folks who seem content to just chill and be who they are without much need, curiosity or interest in self-development-- they’re like another species to me. And it’s cool, it’s just not how I roll. And it’s not how my people roll. We are on a different path. We are seekers. We are walking the path of fire. And let me tell you, it burns really good.

Let us welcome the work the universe is asking us to do

Let us be so glad for it

Let us tend to the business of our souls

Let us be so thankful to be conscious and alive

Let us promise to stand shoulder-to-shoulder

Keep each other awake

Lift each other up

And rise


Soul school is in session. Brrriiinngggg!


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Photo creditCreative Commons License D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight